We are a team of entrepreneurs who love fashion and are passionate about the sea.

With this project, we unite the two things to create a unique brand: MEDUSA BAY, a men's fashion brand inspired by the sea, a mix between an informal university air and traditional tailoring, which aims to dress a restless man, in constant evolution and who seeks high quality in their garments.

We inspire our clients with casual and sophisticated collections, focused on a versatile man who looks for comfortable garments that allow him to enjoy his free time, and garments with which to cover more formal moments. From t-shirts, caps and sweatshirts, to shirts, cardigans or guayaberas. All our garments exude comfort and differentiation, creating a form of expression, a personality and a unique style.

We manufacture most of our garments in Spain with the highest standards of quality and sustainability, using fabrics with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, currently the strictest seal on the market and which guarantees that the fabric comes exclusively from organic fibers. We use recycled materials in garments that contain polyester, such as our swimsuits and caps, which are made from recycled sources such as PET bottles, waste from polyester industries or even clothing industries.

Medusa Bay suggests a Mediterranean lifestyle, for those who like to get together with friends and share hobbies and concerns; for lovers of sports, nature, and who enjoy moments of leisure; For those who do not settle for anything, they always look for something more. For the “enjoyments” of life

Welcome to MEDUSA BAY